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    This is true: We are Italian wine lovers spreading our passion.

    But we are not just another fan team.
    We’ve got a huge experience in the industry and deep connections with rigorous and talented small wineries throughout the country; and we are eager to share it with you.
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    More than anything, we worship the many stories hidden behind the Italian wine.
    We are literally thrilled by the experience every single bottle of our hard-to-find outstanding selection provides. This includes wines that are often featured in Italy for Professional Sommelier Courses. Some of them have already been awarded either locally or abroad; others, however, are largely unknown and somehow shrouded in mystique.
    Beyond the nectars, Libiamo is a « way of living the wine »
    It’s a choice of excellence and singularity. 
    It’s about being curious of winemakers’ roots and traditional techniques, indigenous grapes and smart food pairings. 
    It’s all about pleasure and culture for all beginners and experts.
    Join our wine enthusiasts community to discover gems, sparkle your senses, enlighten your meals and entice your friends. 
    « Libiamo! » as Giuseppe Verdi would have simply and efficiently said in his popular Traviata’s Brindisi! 
    Let’s drink the finest and rarest wines, celebrating life and friendship.
    our story - picture
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