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    Italian Wines - All Catalog

    Italy, the world’s best wine country

    Italy is nothing but a unique experience, in all - and for all - senses. Its breathtaking landscapes, its timeless culture, its dolce vita, its gastronomy; and its wines, undeniably, that the experts are increasingly ranking among the best in the world. It is the story of thousands of years of heritage, techniques, and passion. 
    The country is the world's most consequent and diverse wine-producing country. It has 533 appellations and no less than 400 official grapes varieties, either indigenous or international. 
    The diversity of microclimates and traditions make the richness of Italian wine. Vines are everywhere in the peninsula, running from the mountains to the islands, from the coldest snow to the most burning sun; and each region has its own identity and flagship wine styles. 
    Amazing red, white, rosé, sparkling, sweet, organic, or fortified wines all bear the whole aromatic palette of Italy inside. Let yourself be inspired by our sharp selection of iconic Italian wines and hidden gems to discover!

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