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    White Wines

    White wines for all tastes

    In such a wine geek’s paradise, yes indeed, Italian white wine is definitely good too!  
    Gone are the times when the white wines were mainly used to cut the red ones, to soften the tannins and make them rounder.  

    The range is staggeringly diverse. 
    The country has a hundred indigenous white grape varieties spread over a dozen regions of production which means varied soils, topography, and climates; and obviously the nectar is very different if it comes from the burning slopes of Vesuvius, Etna, Aosta Valley or Emilia-Romagna sea-level plains. It produces many lights and refreshing white wines - not so aromatic but harmonious ones pairing with seafood, antipasti, or white meats. But there are also Italian white wines with a strong personality and outstanding organoleptic characteristics, able to age. 

    Some of them are full-bodied and mineral, others have a floral or even a marine touch; anyway, all those we have been selecting for you are so worth discovering!

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