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    Sparkling Wines

    Italian sparkling wine is the coolest drink

    Italian sparkling wines are delightful. Most of them are produced in the cooler regions of northern and central Italy but they make instantly warmer at any moment. 
    They are varied and they’ve got an inviting character of their own. 

    Prosecco is basic. In a few years only and thanks to Aperol Spritz, this refreshing and fragrant sparkling white wine became a generic for all Italian sparkling wines. Usually made from a grape named Glera, it can be « Spumante » - that is to say our mainly consumed rich-in-bubbles wine - vinified according to Champenoise method, or « Frizzante » for a more informal and versatile version. 

    Franciacorta is the finest Italian bubbly wine (Spumante) and the star of sparklers. It is a dry and complex white sparkling wine with small delicate bubbles and a subtle taste. Made using the traditional Champagne method, it is a very serious rival of the French referent. With the same basis, Trento is also perfect to match with more substantial dishes. 

    Lambrusco is an aromatic sparkling red wine entering the Italian fizzy wines category. It has undergone a real renaissance and is now the most sipped « Frizzante » in the world. 

    Many different bubbles to indulge yourself!
    All yours!

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