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    Rosé wines

    Italian Rosato wine for a dolce vita

    Italian rosé wine or Italian Rosato wine represents a long-standing winemaking tradition, unfortunately suffering from little recognition despite its real value and diversity. 
    Whether dry or fruity, light, or intense, it holds unexpected surprises. 

    The most famous Italian rosés wines come from Lombardy and Veneto to the north and from Puglia, Abruzzo, and Sicily to the south. Its color varies. In this case, the more southern, the deeper the pink, due to the process and the grape variety; and the more body and fruity character the wine has. 

    A very clear rosé is rather light and not tannic at all; its charm standing in brightness and freshness, it must be consumed quickly. A darker Rosato wine is more structured, vinous, aromatic; less sensitive to oxidation, it can be held for a slightly longer period of time. 

    On sunny days, either plain or sparkling, rosé wines are one of the preferred options worldwide for aperitifs and barbecues. In the US, it is even considered now as the « Champagne of the 30-somethings »! Rosé is hot… and fresh. What else?!

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